Stay encouraged and enjoy these tools we put together to strenghten your faith.

Words of Life Kids

Dear Parents, our Words of Life Kids Team has put together a bible lesson for your kids to watch. We are here to support you. Check out the Words of Life Kids | Online Experience!


WOL Kids

Kids when your learn the memory verse, you will receive a special treat. Learn your memory verses and prepare yourselves for when we meet again.

Preschool | Online Experience

Preschoool | Word Bath

Preschoool | Knowing God

Preschool | Jonah’s Big Adventure

Preschool | The Thanksgiving Story

Preschool | Obeying God

Preschool | Obedience Brings Success


Preschool | Do God’s Word

Preschool | Hear God’s Word

Preschool | Safe with God – Psalm 91

Preschool  | Honor Your Parents Part 2

Preschool | Honor Your Parents Part 1

Preschool | God Made Me and God Made You

Preschool | Proverbs for Kids

Elementary | Online Experience

Elementary | Love In Action

Elementary | Love One Another

Elementary | Maybe God Is Like That Too

Elementary | Thankful

Elementary | Loving Your Parents

Elementary | GOD’S LOVE IN US

Elementary | Love is Kind

Elementary | Faith Camp
“The ABC’s of Faith”

Elementary | Faith Camp
Faith in Action

Elementary | How Faith Comes
Faith Camp Lesson

Prefer One Another
“It is important to put others first.”

Elementary | A Thief Called Doubt
“God’s Word is the source of our power.”

Elementary | Faith Can Grow
Learn how to have BIG faith.

What Faith Is
“What does the Bible says faith is?”

Elementary | The Key Of Faith
“God answers prayers.”

Elementary | Right with God
“What does the Bible say about being in right standing with God?”

Elementary | The Rope Of Faith
“Faith is the tool we use to receive blessings from God.”

Elementary | Family  Prayer Time
“Ms. Lucia tells us about her prayer time journey.”